Sunday, April 26, 2009

Financial Statements For Loan Modifications

One of the leading factors used in applying for a attorney loan modification is a change in your financial situation that makes paying your current mortgage a hardship. The financial statement you provide to your lender during a loan workout request is the single most important document to prove your case.

This is the “make or break” document that for the most part is one of the main documents that the lender bases their decision on.There are many documents that you will have to provide to your lender when you receive your loan mod package. One of the most important will be the financial statement. Often times the lender includes a simple one page financial form in your loan mod paperwork. Pay special attention to this document and complete it with great care because more often than not this will be the first document the lender will review when they are attempting to consider your worthiness for a loan modification!

What is the financial statement?

The financial statement is a complete breakdown of all of your household income is NOT like getting approved for a normal home loan. When you applied for your current loan your lender looked at your last two years income history. They compared this against only the minimum payments for any debt reporting on your credit report to determine if you could afford the mortgage payment. With a loan modification it is quite different. They are going to look at all sources of your household income. For W-2’s employee, last two paychecks for borrowers are fine. One major difference in how a lender evaluates a loan modification versus the original loan is how expenses are treated.

The lender will request a complete picture of your monthly expenses. In the original loan the lender evaluated your minimum payments for accounts reporting on your credit report. With a loan mod, all household expenses are evaluated, such as child support. The list of your expenses is quite detailed. There are no exact guidelines that the lenders have written in qualifying expense ratios. That is why it is important to find a company that has experience in dealing with your particular lender. However, If the homeowner has plenty of income and can afford the current payment, and then a loan modification is not warranted. The lender is not about to tell you how to complete this section and help the homeowner adjust this section to help qualify for a loan mod. It many cases, the homeowner may need to cut expenses or figure out ways to increase income.

The best way to get help in this section is through a loan modification company that is experienced with each lender, and can show a track record of working with that lender. Remember, the lender does not have any written guidelines for this section and thus puts you as the homeowner in a disadvantage with the lender.Contracting the services of a qualified attorney backed loan modification company can help you ensure that you have properly filled out your financial statement so that you have the maximum chance of receiving a loan modification. You can apply for a free loan modification consultation now and we will be happy to review your financial situation with you in detail.