Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why Contract A Mortgage Note Mod Attorney?

The Feds $50 billion dollars allocated to the mortgage meltdown is helping only a tiny fraction of the homeowners that are in jeopardy of losing their homes. As of July, statistics show that only 9 percent of those applying for stop foreclosure are getting changes done. In addition, 10 servicers have not changed a thing!!

Studies have found that both Bank of American and Wells Fargo have lagged well behind government expectations. We know, as we see or read the news every day, where our government is pushing and urging the servicers to help Americans and modify their loans. Our government has taken our tax money, the good old American Peoples money, and given the lenders our money to re-lend to us, and they just aren’t doing the job we the American People need, and what our government is asking them to do.

Because of this dilemma, you as a homeowner must get an experienced attorney mortgage mod Attorney to act on your behalf with your servicers to negotiate and modify your home loan. The Attorney adds that additional pressure of dangling a potential lawsuit against your servicers. That pressure alone, makes thesenote holders listen and work to modify your loan. Remember, these banks are the ones that put you in your bad loan in the first place and the same people that run these mortgage companies are still in charge!!! Have our contracted Attorneys get what you deserve from your mortgage companies!

* Someone Will ring You Back
* You reach a Very Unhelpful note holders Employee who is actually Rude!!!
* We Did Not Get Your Paperwork
* Your Paperwork Went To The Wrong Department
* Can You Please Send Your Home Loan Modification Paperwork Again? (this is 5th time that you sent the paperwork!)
* When Did You Send Your Mortgage Note Modification Paperwork?
* What Did You Send?
* You’re Not Behind On Your Payment so We Can’t Help You!
* Who Did You Send Your Home Loan Mod Request To?
* How Did You Send It?
* We Never Got Your Message
* The note holders tries to force you into a bad Mortgage Workout!
* The banks takes 9 months to modify your loan!!
* The mortgage companies offers you a terrible Mortgage Workout and charges you!!

We have a very simple and secure Loan Mod request form that you can fill out and get nearly instant follow up from a compliant and trustworthy Attorney Back Loan Mod Company. There is no obligation and no cost to find out if we are able to assist you in lowering your monthly mortgage payments through an attorney assisted loan modification, please go directly to our website to find out more at The best way to ensure the success of your Home Loan Modification request with your current servicers is to let an experienced loan modification Attorney represent you in your Loan Mod.