Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Is The Reality Mortgage Workout And Making Home Affordable?

Why do we keep hearing in the news every day that the economy is making forward progress when one minute we are bailing out the lenders and several months later they are proclaiming 41% profits like Wells Fargo. Then we hear that bonuses to these mortgage companys executives are about to be paid, when homeowners are still struggling to get a loan modification affiliate.

Then when you talk to the homeowner, they can’t seem to get a loan mod from their lenders, are losing jobs, are upside on their Loan, and can’t afford their mortgage payment anymore. I assume these wonderful profits that the mortgage holders are making are going to the executives and not towards loan modifications or Mortgage work out programs to help people save their homes.

Homeowners are raping their retirement to just make a Loan payment to stay in their home. They call their mortgage companys constantly asking to qualify for Obama’s Making Home Affordable or even HAMP, or heck why not any other Loan Adjustements Program.

Time and time again, more than not, the homeowner is transferred to another resource in the bank, disconnected, or just lost in the maze and not helped with a Loan Workout by their bank/loan servicer. It took an act Congress to just define Making Home Affordable (MHA) and other Loan Modifications programs. Now it is taking an act of congress to actually get a Loan Modification under HAMP or Making Home Affordable.

As foreclosures continue to rise and more people are losing jobs, the reality of our economy coming from Walls Street is not the reality of the economy coming from Main Street. A huge majority of Americans are behind on their Note, can’t afford their Mortgage payments, and have credit card debt is increasing at an alarming rate.

The major concern is that when homeowners call their lenders they are told they have to be late on their mortgage to qualify for Obama’s Making Home Affordable. They are also told that they cannot have any equity in their homes to qualify for this type of Mortgage Workout. Both of these statements are not true; as the lenders are suppose to provide a Mortgage Adjustements under these situations. It is just one more lie and one more way the servicers are not qualifying homeowners when they should. It appears to be like one more excuse.

If a homeowner doing a Loan Adjustements on their own is actually lucky to make any progress on their own, then the financial companies takes their time completing the Loan Adjustements. There are stories that homeowners are waiting 9 and 12 months for a Mortgage Adjustements.
What is going here! The best way homeowners are getting help is thru Attorney Loan Workout, as the Attorney’s are putting pressure on the mortgage holders to modify home Mortgage and stop foreclosures. This process should not be so difficult; at least the Attorneys are successful with the Mortgage Workout. If you are at your last straw, check with an Attorney Loan Workout Company that offers 100% money back guarantee for help.