Sunday, October 4, 2009

Additional Info To Know About Trial Note Modifications

I had previously defined a Trial obama loan modification as a temporary change in note terms, and in general the temporary period is usually for three months before your florida hardmoney is permanently modified. I also wrote that the permanent Note Workouts is usually not the same terms as the changed terms of the trial period. Also don’t forget that you as the homeowner must make all payments on time during the trial part. No payments can be missed; else you default on the test part terms and will thus negate your ability to qualify for a permanent restructure, meaning you will be denied! So, it is very important to make those payments.

If you have been behind on payments and are just about to enter the trial timeframe, you may find that you get a bill for double payments from your bank. It more than likely will reflect one for the default payment and also one for the payment for the first time frame , i.e. the trials first payment. If you find that this has happened to you, usually it is due to the note holders system not being fully updated. So, you first need to contact whoever is negotiating your modification to make sure that they have sent the servicers all the required paperwork for the trial section Loan Restructuring. So, don’t panic as a few phone calls will resolve the situation.

Keep in mind, it sometimes takes the lenders two to four weeks to actually get their systems updated to reflect the changes discussed. So if you have called into your bank and find that the new terms are not reflected and the lending institutions on the other end has no idea what is going on, don’t fret. It is not that much different than a refinance loan when it comes to system updates. So as a precaution, you can always call your lending institutions a few days before the first trial Note Workoutspayment is due to make sure their systems reflect the updates to the trial Loan Adjustments.

Remember, you should receive test section Note Adjustments papers to sign for the first time frame and usually this is prior to your first first section payment. Also, after you have made your third test part payment, you will shortly after get word on the terms of the permanent Loan Workouts. You can also expect to get actual permanent loan modification paperwork to sign and notarize. If you do not get these papers, make a phone call to the person negotiating your Note Restructuring. Sometimes these modifications are like “herding cats”, and they need added attention, patience, and extra phone calls so that nothing falls through the cracks.