Friday, November 20, 2009

New Program Affect Note Modifications Credit Scores

Starting Nov, 2009, individuals can have a little more assurance when it comes to loan modification company and how they impact credit reports negatively.

In the past, the effects of a loan modification company on one’s credit figures was somewhat of a mystery. Some financial institutions would not report late or partial payments to the credit bureaus during the trial alteration process while others would. This led to confusion among home owners, leaving many afraid of further damaging their credit with a home mortgage workout.

Thanks to new guidelines set forth by the Consumer Data Industry Association, home mortgage adjustments under federal programs Making Homes Affordable and the Home Affordable change Program are to be listed on credit reports as, “note modified under a federal plan”. This notification on the credit report will not have the same negative impact previous entries such as “partial payment” have had. In many instances, a report of a partial payment during the trial home mortgage change period could drop a people credit score as much as 100 points.

For the time being, FICO has agreed to take no action on these new entries… yet. Instead the credit reporting agency plans on studying the long term outcome of these loan s and then making an appropriate score assessment based on the success rate of modified loan s. As it stands now, note holders are supposed to report the loan as current if the people is current on their normal mortgage payment and is current through their trial. However, if a homeowner is behind on their payments as they begin the trial process, their late entries on their credit report will not be expunged. When the permanent home mortgage alteration is approved and implemented that is when their loan will be brought current, but the late that are currently on the credit report will continue to report on the credit report.

It is important to note that these new guidelines only apply to mortgage modifications under the umbrellas of the federal note adjustment programs MHA and HAMP. Individual lenders home mortgage changes do not qualify and the note holders will report to the credit agencies based on their specific policies. In addition, even if the people credit score is not affected by the “attorney modified under a federal plan” entry will still be visible on a individuals credit report, which may affect a lender’s decision somewhere down the line.

Ultimately, the decision still rests with the homeowner on how to proceed with their specific situation. While a home loan alteration may or may not have an impact on credit reports, the impact of a foreclosure or short sale on credit scores will most likely be far more severe.

Finally, FICO will wait one year in order to gather data on this new ruling to see if they will retroactively decide to report negatively on the home owners credit report. This of course will be an across the board decision. And yes, they will retroactively ding your credit if they decide that is the appropriate course of action. However, any creditor that pulls your credit will still see some type of term listed on the credit referencing a attorney alteration. This means the new creditor will be aware of the modification, which may impact their decision.

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