Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sterling Holding Company Sandra Weiss Announces Foreclosure Assistance

Do not let the bank take your property. sterling holding company can get you out and enable you to maneuver forward in your life, in the most effective doable way. If you are done with the "nightmare" of your assets dream, let us facilitate you move on. We can defend you from many of the worst consequences: debt relief, harassment, liability and future effects on your credit.

We tend to purchase the property from you for the amount still owed on your loan(s). We tend to then notify the lender(s) that we have assumed the loan(s) subject to your original terms and conditions. Our team handles this transfer of possession quickly and smoothly, and currently the bank(s) should pander to us. You get some deserved peace. This can be a fully documented property transaction and you, as the seller, will receive all the quality documents; HUD-one Settlement Statement, Purchase Agreement, Deed (transferring possession to Sterling Holding) and a Loan Assumption Agreement, that validate this.

Our purchasers are those people who have decided they need to walk aloof from their property, whether it is their residence, an investment propertyproperty sterling company or a second home. Some are the victims of layoffs and cutbacks, some are trying to relocate, some just merely cannot afford the house anymore due to life's changing events. They can not keep it due to the money hardship it is making and they can't sell it due to its negative money value. Sterling Property Comapny What was once a vehicle used to achieve financial freedom and quality of life is currently simply the opposite. For a few their savings and retirement are depleted. This has become a private money nightmare with no finish in sight. They need stayed within the hope of a loan modification or a "short sale", solely to find out how fruitless this is. The banks are too massive, too impersonal and too worried regarding their own bonuses for something to ever happen.

Our shoppers have chosen to not be held hostage by a piece of property. Our shoppers have chosen to not let the banks and mortgage corporations ruin them and management their life. They have chosen to require back their freedom. For them it's time to break the ball and chain and to maneuver on with their lives Sterling Property Co. It currently becomes a question of quality of life. If this is your primary residence, you're welcome to remain living there to observe the property, with no rent due. Just pay your own utilities and maintain the property. Sterling Holding will transfer the property out of your name in one week's time. Call us for all the details.


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