Thursday, May 6, 2010

Security And Web Based Doc Management Solutions

When contemplating an online primarily based software program for any objective that entails delicate knowledge, it's fairly frequent and completely normal to question the security of the data that's being despatched by means of seemingly indefensible internet.

In actuality there are many ways that software program developers resembling ATLOS safe the info that's transmitted electronically by way of the web. Our expertise is heavily based mostly within the mortgage industry. We're intimately conversant in the particular care that should be taken to secure borrower data from any potential theft. To be able to shield themselves from any concern about their client’s knowledge changing into compromised, it is in fact a major concern for a mortgage brokerage, lender, and even a processing firm to safe all of the information they're accountable for.

bank document management that's utilizing all the latest safety protocols is not going to solely have the ability to decrease the man hours and paper bills of your small business, but it should also shield all your client’s private and mortgage related information.

Our internet based mostly mortgage origination system utilizes AES 128 bit encryption in addition to single use passkeys which might be discarded after each user session. We wish to ensure that the info we host for our consumer’s is utilizing cutting-edge encryption and get well methods.

Except for simply encrypting the stay knowledge, we also encrypt all information we store the place it stays encrypted till it’s wanted once more within the event of a system recover.

With regard to catastrophe recovery we make the most of each staging and replication methods. By staging the servers and making ready them for a fast implementation we can save invaluable time that will have beforehand been lost. One other methodology we frequently employ is replication. This technique replicates an lively server onto a 2nd energetic server. Any adjustments achieved on the stay server will mechanically replicate to the 2nd server. This means that in case your first server goes now you may have a 2nd lively server completely able to go. By having duplicated active server you'll be able to limit your down time to just about zero. If one in all your servers is compromised the other one will automatically pickup the workload. Since they have been sharing knowledge there is no knowledge loss and no get better time.

It’s additionally vital to make sure your mortgage knowledge is being stored remotely on a secondary backup server that is separate from the first one. This redundancy ensures you're thoroughly protected against losing any information, even within the face of pure disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes.

ATLOS document management software program was built to ensure security of our shopper data on each level. Along with the many options and advantages of utilizing hosted software program as a service for your mortgage workflow, you may rest assured that your knowledge is secured.


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