Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why Wide Plank Wood Has Become Widely Used

The way in which the flooring trade has advanced, it’s hard to consider that there was a time that just about all hardwood flooring was broad plank flooring by as we speak’s standards. Currently, with a lot strip flooring being produced, mostly within the 2 1/four″ to 3 1/4″ range, those who want something extraordinary typically set out to discover one thing not less than somewhat wider, hence the search for extensive plank flooring begins.
What's huge wide plank?

The answer to that query is type of a grey area, relying on who you ask really. In sure areas, and/or in accordance with sure producers, you might say something 4 inches or wider is considered “extensive plank” flooring. I would have to disagree. I believe anything that's 4 inches or wider is definitely thought of “plank” flooring, however Extensive plank flooring? That might be somewhat stretch of the imagination. But once more, there may be probably not a “right” or “incorrect” reply to the question “what is extensive plank flooring?”
That being said, in my view, any wood flooring that is 6 inches large, or wider, is really Extensive Plank Flooring. I don’t care if it’s strong hardwood, engineered hardwood, or even softwood (like broad pine flooring), usually talking, wide plank flooring is plank flooring that's 6 inches extensive or wider.
Why ought to I choose extensive plank flooring?

Huge plank flooring can achieve a lot of different aesthetic goals, relying on what your mission is. For instance, if you're making an attempt to reproduce an outdated colonial home in New England, it's possible you'll very effectively be needing Large Plank Eastern White Pine flooring to make that objective a reality. Or in the event you’re making an attempt to convey a Penthouse suite updated, you might need to ditch the previous strip flooring, and opt for a Huge Plank Rift White Oak ground with some contemporary attraction to it. Whatever your venture is, Large Plank flooring will certainly make your venture quite a bit extra appealing than that strip flooring you see over at the neighbor’s house.

Another space of consideration when debating whether or not or not to use wide plank flooring, is ease of installation. For example, should you’ve ever installed any strip flooring, you recognize that getting throughout a 20 foot vast room requires some fairly intense labor while you’re working with 2 1/4 inch broad material! How far more rapidly could that job get done using eight″ Extensive Plank Hickory flooring, and even 20″ Broad Plank Jap White Pine flooring? Think about how rapidly that same room would get achieved, when each plank is four, and even 9 times wider!

So if you’re an installer, you possibly can see the elevated profitability of a wide plank job verses a Types of Hardwood Flooring job, and if you happen to’re a do-it-yourselfer, you may see how broad plank flooring can turn a 5 day mission right into a weekend project.

Received’t large plank flooring just buckle and warp?

In the event you do your homework, and speak to the right individuals, you'll find the right broad plank floor that is right for you, for nearly any local weather your mission may be situated in. For example, it is rather common to find plank flooring that is 20″ large in New England, the place that same flooring may not final per week in Florida without cupping or ultimately distorting from it’s unique shape. With the possibility of extensive plank engineered hardwood flooring being manufactured up to 12 inches wide, and maybe even wider, we will now provide vast plank flooring in places the place it was once thought impossible. That’s not to say that there is a broad plank flooring choice for EVERY scenario, however generally speaking, for many climates, there's a proper large plank wooden floor accessible that will not fail after installation.

What sort of extensive plank flooring is obtainable?

We now have found that just about any type of hardwood and softwood that's commonly used for flooring, could be, and has been used to make wide plank flooring. While vast plank oak flooring, and wide plank hickory flooring are very available, we will additionally very simply obtain broad plank walnut, cherry, arduous maple, pecan, ash, beech, pine, sugar maple, birch and even large plank unique hardwoods like Brazilian cherry, African wenge, santos mahogany, genuine mahogany, Brazilian walnut, and more.

Uncover the possibilities at our huge plank flooring web page and see the chances for yourself!