Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Poll Results: Most Important Aspect of New Stimulus Package

It's that time again. Last week's weekly poll was "What Is The Most Important Aspect of New Stimulus Package"?

The poll results were 100% in agreement that it should be Infrastructure Spending.
The other options were Tax Rebates, Unemployment Compensation Increases, And Other.

These polls always suprise because you would think everyone would immediatly choose to recieve instant money through a tax rebate or lower taxes. The fact that people recognize that in order to recover we need to spend more on infrastructure tells us that we are living in one of the most politically aware times. People seem to know what is going on these days. That would explain why we have a historic presidency today. Had Mr. Obama run four or eight years ago he wouldn't have stood a chance.

Because the country is finally fed up they chose to get educated about the issues and make an informed decision!

Thank you to all who took time to participate in the polls. We were recently featured on a Fox 35 news piece that we utilized our poll information on. We will post a link to the video of the news piece when it becomes available. We appreciate your continued contributions to a more educated and empowered USA.