Sunday, January 4, 2009

welcome to 2009

Welcome to 2009 to all those still in the financial games!

Many pundits are predicting what 2009 is going to bring to the markets this year but we are withholding judgement until we have more time to analyze where we stand.

The holiday has wrought havoc with our ability to get to a television or computer. Family time is a rare commodity if you are lucky enough to remain in business in the housing market especially in Florida.

Mortgage business is still going strong and we are a looking forward to partnering with even more battle scarred realtors, builders, and other partners in the florida mortgage game.

We look forward to another year of sharing financial news, info, and commentary with the community. Our weekly polls will continue into the new year and we hope that we can begin to interview one person from each opinon which will give people the opportunity to market themselves a bit for free :)

Happy new your to everyone and may god bless you and your families.


Anonymous said...

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Eric said...

Thank you Aasif, We hope to see you around more often :)