Friday, October 31, 2008

4th week of October weekly poll results

The topic of last week's poll was: Which President will do more for average homeowners?

Surprisingly the results were that 33% of the respondents felt that Senator Barack Obama would do more and 66% of the respondents felt that Senator John McCain would do more for the average homeowners.

This does not follow the polls we are seeing play out with the major news networks. Perhaps your seeing some breaking news from our little corner of the internet world that will herald unexptected results at the polls next Tuesday.

We plan to provide detailed information about the person that is elected next week and their proposed financial plans. We will post their plans here for all to see in laymans terms so that we can hold them to their word on the issues!

Thank you to all the participants. We would like to recognize and possibly interview one respondent from each topic choice each week. If you take the time to take the poll please leave a comment and include your contact information so we can highlight you, your company, and your views here on the blog!

Thanks to all who continue to visit and help us shape this resource into a forum for what you need. Make sure you vote on the poll of the week!


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