Friday, October 17, 2008

Results of weekly poll: Do you support the $700B bailout bill?

Well the results of our latest poll are in. The question was "Do you support the $700B bailout bill?". The results represent exactly what we expected to see:

  • 40% of responders said yes
  • 40% of responders said NO
  • 20% of responders said they didn't understand it

We feel this is probably pretty indicative of the state of the country. People are split right down the middle as to whether this was a good idea or not and a large portion of the country doesn't really understand this whole problem or this particular fix for it at all. No doubt it is a complicated problem but it is one we hope to help those 20% wrap their heads around so they can make educated decisions at the polls regarding the issues as they relate to our economy & more specifically the mortgage markets.

We welcome any and all questions from those 20% so that we can help explain in simple terms exactly what the major causes of our current dillema are. No question is too dumb! People need to talk more about the situation and help our elected officials in making the RIGHT choices in fixing this mess.

Thank you to all the participants of this week's poll and please continue to participate in the polls and with questions or comments.