Friday, October 3, 2008

House barely passes vote to move Bailout bill vote forward today

This is not encouraging news at all. Many house republicans have come out speaking optomistically about the passage of the legislation, but this vote to move forward with debate and vote today barely passed!

We are hoping that this is not a sign of the fate of the bill's vote today. Leaders have said that they would not bring the legislation for vote without having enough support to pass it, but the fact that President Bush and his VP have been placing frantic calls to the house Republicans to garner last minute votes is scary.

A decision by the House to amend the bill would delay enactment of the proposal because the Senate, which passed a bill late Wednesday night, would have to go back and vote again.
If House leaders at any point think they don't have the votes for passage, they could pull the bill from the floor rather than vote on it.

We as well as the rest of the country will be keeping a close eye on this afternoon's planned vote. Either we may very well be seeing the bottom of our financial crisis this week or... it was nice knowing you all. We stand ready to see where we go from here.