Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Software Product helps Mortgage Companies create a “Green” Business Environment for a paper intensive industry.

ATLOS, LLC (Automated Tracking Loan Origination System) loan software is a new web-based mortgage loan processing and document management system that provides a completely paperless environment for any mortgage company...Big or Small. This is one of the first truly green solutions specifically tailored for a paper intensive mortgage industry. ATLOS was originally an internal system for a New Orleans based mortgage company. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed this company’s office, the owner knew his internal software was something many other mortgage companies could benefit from. It allowed his company to retain all customer loan data when most mortgage companies in New Orleans lost everything including their paper files. Today, ATLOS, LLC has launched and is having a great response in the mortgage industry.

ATLOS includes a host of features not readily available to mortgage companies. These features allow mortgage companies to streamline workflows thereby reducing costs. Loan fraud prevention is also built into ATLOS.

In today’s mortgage lending industry, real-time answers and online functionality are crucial for survival and success. With web-based technology, ATLOS finally gives mortgage companies the freedom of anywhere/anytime functionality.

Below is a description of the main features:

- Web-Based Loan Origination With ATLOS mortgage companies have access to their loan information any time anywhere. There is no cumbersome installation. Mortgage companies can greatly reduce IT expenses. All that’s needed to utilize ATLOS is a PC and the Internet.
- Hosted Paperless Loan File Manager With ATLOS mortgage companies get online electronic storage of all loan files. Mortgage companies can eliminate all paper files, along with the timely and costly delivery fees that can be associated.
- Integrated Payroll & Billing Features With ATLOS, mortgage companies can automate all payables and receivables. Mortgage companies can create fast commission calculations through a completely customizable platform.
- Web Conferencing With ATLOS, mortgage companies can communicate with anyone, directly through ATLOS using video, audio, chat, and desktop sharing.
- Much More ATLOS incorporates an Integrated Internet phone, message board, calendar, contacts, reports, and fraud alerts.