Saturday, October 18, 2008

The tranformation of mortgage jobs in Florida

Five Stars Mortgage has released a new commentary on the state of mortgage jobs in Florida. In it they offer tips and strategies for mortgage professionals attempting to survive this unprecedented downturn. Here is in excerpt from the article:

"The effective of the global credit crisis has hit particularly hard on the financial sector and in particular with mortgage jobs. It has been estimated that as of September of 2008 we have lost a minimum of 65,400 jobs in the mortgage industry! While job numbers accross the nation have also declined, this number of jobs in the mortgage industry has hit many families very hard.

In previous articles we have addressed the underlying causes of the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. We have seen how the blame flows from top to bottom in the mortgage industry. Our thoughts and prayers however, must go out to the over 65,000 workers and their families who have had to start over in a brand new career due to no fault of their own in most cases...

click to read the article entitle "The Future of Mortgage Jobs in Florida"